In the energy model for Germany 2040 ist the yield from the inhabited solar power plants 900 TWh. Only 308 TWh from caloric power plants.

With a yield of 10 t SKE per ha biomass, 103.000 km² would be necessary. This is naturally complete nonsens! More than 1/4 of the whole country with huge monoculture, only to have the energy for the less at solar energy in winter.

The 30 million inhabeted solar power plants need on the other hand only 18,000 km², deliver much more energy and living space in the green for 75% of the population. Plants have a very low efficiency when it comes to produce energy by solar power. Plants can be used reasonable to produce raw material. To produce energy is the efficiency complete unsuitably. The use of biomass is only usefull, where it's natural waste, for example wood chips.

Planting for energy is a clear violation of the PEGE policy "Remains enough space for the nature, if this technology is used?"

Attention! Efficiency of biomass was taken to high.


About humans and cars
Cars are the most liked enemy of environment protectros. But nevertheless is nearly nobody willing to renounce. For luck, this is not necessary.

Energy model 2040
For this model, Germany is taken as biggest challenge. Germany is a dens inhabited industrial country which starts only 47 degree northern latitude.

Electric power demand
The electric power demand is in the model equal distributed over the year. Electric power is not used for heating, so no deman peak in winter.