Electric power demand

The electric power demand is in the model equal distributed over the year. Electric power is not used for heating, so no deman peak in winter. More demand for light is insignificant. In the summer drive the electric cars on the recharge track towards the holiday destinations.

The electric power production is more than double than today, because much is changed to electric power.


Most of the hydrogen produced by solar energy is imported from desert areas. It would be possible to produce this also in Germany. 60% more solar energy would be enough to create in the summer peak enough hydrogen for the winter dint.

It's only a question of rentability. As long as electric power is direct consumed or stored in systems with high efficiency, it's good to produce in Germany direct. But it will bei only possible to store the energy for the winter dint by hydrogen. For this, the production in areas with much more sunshine is more efficient.


50 million electric cars with average 24 kWh/100km and 15.000 km per year make 180 TWh. The high prognosis for the average consumption of electric cars may wonder. The average size of cars will be bigger.

This increase of size is caused by the recharge treck and the give equal speed and that it's impossible to drive with batteries long time with high speed. When not fast, at alst big will be the reaction of the consumers for the reduced speed caused by electric vehicle technology.


About humans and cars
Cars are the most liked enemy of environment protectros. But nevertheless is nearly nobody willing to renounce. For luck, this is not necessary.

Energy model 2040
For this model, Germany is taken as biggest challenge. Germany is a dens inhabited industrial country which starts only 47 degree northern latitude.

In the energy model for Germany 2040 ist the yield from the inhabited solar power plants 900 TWh. Only 308 TWh from caloric power plants.