Energy model 2040

For this model, Germany is taken as biggest challenge. Germany is a dens inhabited industrial country which starts only 47 degree northern latitude.

According to previous thoughts needs solar energy much place and a thrifty population. Germany offers as a crass opposit few place, few sun and a population used to have a high living standard.

  1.) solar energy

900 TWh per year

30 million full equipped inhabited solar power plants of the GEMINI class. From this are 20 million units main place from residence of 60 million people. The remaining 10 million units are solar power plants on second homes, fabrics and public buildings.

  2.) Water power

40 TWh per year

This sort of energy has for luck no deciding role, because a prognosis is difficult. Different climate models calculate with more or less rainfall. So 25 TWh national production and 15 TWh import from Austria and Switzerland is assumed. When Austria and Switzerland uses solar energy similar intensive, a significant quantity of water power be exported.

  3.) Wind power

40 TWh per year

The only temporally not controllable energy source, which delivers in winter more nergy than in summer. On windy islands can be sun and wind combined to a seasonal equal energy delivery. At a country with much few wind areas is the wind power much less.


About humans and cars
Cars are the most liked enemy of environment protectros. But nevertheless is nearly nobody willing to renounce. For luck, this is not necessary.

Electric power demand
The electric power demand is in the model equal distributed over the year. Electric power is not used for heating, so no deman peak in winter.

In the energy model for Germany 2040 ist the yield from the inhabited solar power plants 900 TWh. Only 308 TWh from caloric power plants.

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